By Helping Both Nonprofits and Students
Your Dollars Go Further

Too Many Options,
Too Little Time

It’s estate and tax planning season again, and here you are sitting down, regretting that you did not give enough.

You’re a charitable person, you love philanthropy. It’s not that you don’t want to give, it’s that there are way too many options, and not enough time. So many nonprofits, so many causes, so many organizations, and so much impact you want to make, but when are you going to have the time to go through them all?

You could outsource this again. But the last time you did that, the professionals chose organizations that they wanted to give to, and failed to take into consideration your wants, needs, and desires.

What if there was an easier way to make sure that your wants, desires, and wishes come true during your life and beyond?

Giving Made Easy

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just plug and play your giving plan all in one place? See all of your preferences in one place and flip on and off donations?

Now, you can. With StartNoo, giving is made easy.

You choose the causes that you want to support, when you want to support them, and how you want to support them. You choose the types of students that you want to give to, and which fields of study you want to support. StartNoo gives you complete freedom and choice as a donor, without all of the complications.

At the end of the year, you receive an easy to read report that you can hand over to your team and move on with your life.

Your impact is doubled because your contributions help fund education for students and graduates who are making an impact with nonprofits.

Give To Whoever You Want, Whenever You Want

With so many options for you to choose from, it’s hard to know which causes to really make yours.

From homelessness to education to poverty and environmental crises, it seems like everywhere you turn, another problem needs to be solved.

But where do you fit in?

Are you a planner? Do you think about your giving every year around tax planning season? Or are you more of a passionate giver, who drives impact when you feel a cause?

We Offer Donation Transparency

Whoever said, “give just to give,” never gave.

We all know that helping the most vulnerable survive, giving the voiceless a voice, and helping lift people out of poverty, satisfies us as donors, just as much as it impacts those receiving help.

StartNoo can help you give to the cause of your choosing by supporting qualified, reliable skills-based volunteers who help nonprofits focused on the causes most meaningful to you.

At StartNoo, volunteers are incentivized to give their best work to nonprofits. Volunteers are trained in a diverse number of areas, from web design, to marketing, and even fundraising. Volunteers include students who have studied their craft, and graduates who have experience in their field. What all volunteers have in common is that we have a passion for service.

Be the engine that helps StartNoo volunteers support nonprofits most in need. Let’s work together to make the world a better place.

See Your Impact Through Actionable Analytics

While donors have lost trust in nonprofits, we believe that today it is even more important to support nonprofit work.

StartNoo’s solution for helping nonprofits increase donor trust is transparency.

Through our detailed analytics of volunteering activities, including operational needs, you can detail to a unique specificity the workings of your nonprofit to the delight of donors.

Join today to make your giving easier than ever.

Connect with The People You Are Helping

A global crisis may have caused you to feel isolated, but connecting through service will help you restore human elements of meaningful connection.

While thank you cards are lovely, how would you feel if you had the option to meet the people you impact, and watch their lives flourish thanks to your help?

You need time to focus on your expertise by serving your vulnerable population.

But the world’s digital transformation is still happening. Can your nonprofit keep up?

StartNoo can help you find volunteers with expertise in digital transformation to help move the good work you do online.

You focus on your nonprofit. Leave the digital transformation to us.

What You Get

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

You don’t limit the work your nonprofit does, and physical barriers should not limit your work either. Take advantage of virtual volunteers to help drive your mission forward.

In Person Volunteer Opportunities

There is something special about connecting in person, and many of the world’s most vulnerable still need these interactions. At StartNoo, you can

Qualified, Reliable Volunteers

Offering attainable, real-world experience to your students will arm them to be ready for the workforce.

Data and Reporting

Understanding your student body’s impact on the world in detail, and being able to report to stakeholders.

Increase Donor Engagement

Donors see how their generosity doubles impact for students and nonprofits. This encourages repeat donors, and enhances relationships between donors and students.

Verify Student Experiences

Universities now have a mechanism to confirm how much and what type of volunteering students engage in.

Volunteer Management System

Understanding your student body’s impact on the world in detail, and being able to report to stakeholders.

Decrease Operational Expenses

University community can access StartNoo using single sign on.

Reduce Time Spent Posting Opportunities

You may already have volunteer opportunities posted. StartNoo allows for you to import existing opportunities to reduce the amount of time spent duplicating efforts.


Have more questions?

We’re here to help!

Can’t we just continue with our current Donation System?

You could, but how is that working for you?

What is skills-based volunteering?

Skills-based volunteering means that qualified volunteers within a particular skill set – whether based on education or based on practice – are able to compound the value offered to nonprofits.

Leveraging qualified volunteers allow for nonprofits to save money with service providers and reduce operational expenses.

How are volunteers selected for opportunities?

You as the nonprofit have the power to review the profile page of each potential volunteer and choose the volunteers which best appeal to you.

How many licenses do I get?

Each nonprofit account gets one license. Should you require additional licenses for your nonprofit, please contact us by clicking the link below.

Are there COVID-19 precautions being taken by volunteers?

We require all volunteers to socially distance, wear masks, and to wear gloves for all in-person service opportunities. We strongly encourage volunteers to wear additional personal protective equipment (PPE) – such as body suits and face shields – where social distancing is not possible to complete the volunteering activity.

What can donors see?

Donors can see a student’s profile and their completed service opportunities.

Donors also have access to a dashboard that provides them with analytics about their contributions, impact and causes.

Who volunteers with StartNoo?

Student volunteers are qualified as they have the most recent, cutting edge information in their fields of study. Being a part of their own university ecosystem allows for them to offer nonprofits the latest and greatest within their skill set.

Alumni volunteers are qualified with their unique and practical experience, with the foundation of their university ecosystem.

Is there a mobile or desktop version of StartNoo?

StartNoo is a web-based application using responsive design. This means that the platform can be accessed via mobile, desktop, tablet, or via web browser.

Are there virtual opportunities?

Yes. Virtual service opportunities are available. This extends the reach of a student’s impact.

Why are your volunteers more reliable or more qualified?

Our users qualify for the skills that they have been verified for. This means that our user base has their degrees and university affiliations verified. Additionally, our platform allows for their volunteering experience to be verified. So, you are getting more authentic, tailored volunteers for each of your postings.

You can count on our students and alumni, because they are helping your nonprofit through their university ecosystem, and so there is double-accountability 🙂

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